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Investigate complexity of estimating file size before download
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Affordability of data is a concern for readers in the target countries (Nigeria, India, Mexico). We'd like to give them control over the data that they download.

In the mockups, we include a file size for the download. Let's investigate the feasibility of this. Things to consider:

  • Technical effort (both for prototype and at least an idea if we were going to pursue this in production
  • Performance impact
  • Does it cost the reader data to do this?

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atgo added a subscriber: RHo.

@RHo This is listed in our retro from last week as a blocker for Wikilater, but there isn't a place for it in the mockup. I've currently got it just as a blocker for the Flashcard, but wanted to call this out.

Looks good under flashcards for now

atgo moved this task from Doing to Epics in progress on the New-Readers board.

@atgo - since these were related to the prototypes-only, I think it's safe to close?