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Make flashcard a longer height and download automatically to camera roll
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The intent of the Flashcard prototype is to give readers something simple and small that is a concise summary of the article. We'd like to test that by giving them a full-size JPG that's easily to organize and share, but currently the jpg is slicing at the size of the window.

JPG should download to camera roll automatically.

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From @RHo

try adding

@media print {
    @page { 
          margin: 0;
          size: 100vw 30cm; /* forces  */

Example clipped pdf:

I've been playing with the params but can't get it to work properly. Needs more investigation

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Hey @GWicke is this possible? We're trying to make a single JPG from part of an article, sort of a low-MB summary.

Are you looking for a screenshot of the entire page (potentially very tall), or a first screenful worth of content for a thumbnail?

Hey @GWicke. Our ideal would be somewhere in the middle. The flashcard is
meant to include an image, lead paragraph, and some wikidata points.... so
somewhere over the size of a single screen but not huge.

If the thumb size should be pretty much fixed, then we could probably just configure a larger default screen size for the service. Could you create one or more example thumbnails from existing pages to demonstrate your rough size & aspect ratio needs?

Thanks @GWicke I imagine there'll be some variance, though we could try to limit size to a fixed height for now. The other thing is that the width of different devices is, well, different, so we may want to be responsive to that.

@Nirzar do you have current mocks with example articles? I looked at T148378 and Zeplin and didn't see anything.

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@atgo - based on email, moving this to next sprint for dev