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Implement tooltip on article to explain feature
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During the offsite, @RHo's designs included a tooltip that explained the functionality.

Implement that.

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I'm not sure that we want to do this, but have added it to be discussed.


  • We can educate people through interaction so that they learn by doing.
  • We already have the animation, etc. which will show
  • I think it'd be better to teach them about offline support from the "saved" screen because that's the place we can teach them to go back to.

IMO as far as interactions go tapping that button should do just one (show tooltip or animate button to menu).

Also if we do tooltip, we can also do message on saved pages screen, they do not collide with each other.

Yeah... My thought is more around making the whole process a journey of
learning about how things work. I think the "saved" articles is useful
without offline, and it might make more sense to show people that 1) they
can save things and then 2) they're available offline (if browser is
supported) rather than trying to teach them both at the same time.

I'm totally willing to be wrong on this, it just makes more sense to me
when I think about people who are new to all of this.

Also, I think @RHo had the tooltip showing without tap on the first time(s)
the reader sees the new icon.. not sure.

Yes, the idea is to show the tooltip without user prompt the first time it is seen – basically introducing this new action to save exists.

Progressive web - 01.png (667×375 px, 104 KB)

The animation is shown when the user actually taps on the save icon and is more for educating where they can access the saved articles. I actually don't see it being an issue to perform that action each time as a reminder since the menu is so hidden from the screen.