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Do prototypes need to be localized to something other than EN?
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  • Do prototypes need to be localized to something other than EN?
  • Do prototypes need to support RTL?

If so, create task to take it into account in the prototypes and to set a strategy to actually localize the labels once we have them.

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From an engineering perspective the simpler and with less features we keep the prototypes the easier it will be to create variants and maintain them.

If we need to do it then lets, but we need to be wary of production-like features on prototypes.

Great catch, @Jhernandez. Thanks for adding these/thinking about them, and
I'll talk to Abbey about this today.

I'm with you that we need to keep prototypes slim, but we definitely need
to be able to test in local languages for our target users.

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@atgo Let me know what you come up with. There's 2 parts to i18n, the UI language, and which wiki you're seeing.

Prototypes should be in english, spanish, hindi. What's the best way to submit translations/labels to you? We should be able to pull labels (assuming they're the same) from translatewiki... for example:

Do we have any other labels that are additional? "Saved pages" I know.

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This is now covered in: T150808