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Line break inconsistency in table rendering
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With the following wikicode for a table the first/left cell renders different from the three others:

{| class="wikitable"
| line with &lt;br /&gt; …<br />
then a linebreak in wikicode
| line with &lt;br /&gt; …<br />without linebreak in wikicode
first a break, then line mit &lt;br /&gt; …<br />
and a second linebreak in wikicode
first a break, then line with &lt;br /&gt; …<br />without a linebreak in wikicode

This was tested in and I noticed this already much earlier in Commons in information boxes, but thought it would be a slight issue of the heavy used template.

This is about classical editing by writing wikitext, i. e. not about the Visual Editor, I actually do not know, how to test it with this.

Side remarks: class="wikitable" is only added for frame display, it happens without, too. <br /> is added by the editor button. I know, that it gets simplified later.

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ssastry added a subscriber: ssastry.

Line breaks in a table cell introduce a p-tag. Since the first cell has text before the line break, it renders differently compared to the others.
cell 1: text <p>..</p>
cell 2: text
cells 3 & 4: <p>..</p>

This is expected behavior.