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Request creation of hound labs project
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Project Name: hound
Purpose: Investigate if hound is a good solution to offer source code search for Wikimedia repositories.

Wikitech Username of requestor: dereckson

Bref description:
Hound is a Go (back-end), React (front-end) application built by etsy to have a product fast, easy to configure and with few dependencies (only Go actually).

The UI seems more modern than OpenGrok. OpenStack seems to use it as

Additional requirements:
Web access will be needed, for example through

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This is almost certainly fine but I'm waiting on a definite thumbs up from legal regarding the weird licensing terms for React.

Update: We haven't forgotten this, still waiting for Legal.

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Andrew claimed this task.

There has now been a huge amount of discussion about the weird React license. Everyone (including the OSI people) are mostly in agreement that we hate the special patent clause, but that it is maybe not a deal breaker. More info in this thread here:

The upshot is that the Labs team has decided to provisionally approve use of the React license. But, be warned that at any point a legal consensus may emerge that React is NOT OSI-compatible, at which point we'll probably have to go through and stamp it out throughout labs.

I wish I could provide you with more certainty about this; sorry.

In any case... in the meantime I have created your project! @Dereckson, you are a projectadmin in the 'hound' project and you can create instances and add new members as appropriate. Let us know if you have other questions!