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Spike: Central Notice: Consider options for monitoring versions of banners shown
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This task is an initial dive into how we might implement T148589.

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What about this: a client-side hash of loaded content gets sent to event log, and some bot reads the event log entries and makes api calls to load and render revisions, reporting when the hash is off.

Here's a proposal for doing this server-side (as per tech-talk discussion with @cwd yesterday).

  • Use a server-side hook to run some code on every change to a Mediawiki namespace page. It can be run using deferred updates so it doesn't slow down the pageviews it runs on.
  • Create a hash of the message contents as they should be sent via Special:BannerLoader.
  • Store the hashes somewhere (memcached or DB).
  • On every call to Special:BannerLoader, verify the hash of the banner content to be sent.
  • If the hash is off, flag it for the client in the same way we're now flagging caught exceptions (client-side call to cn.handleBannerLoaderException(), which causes an error status flag to be sent with recordimpression).
  • Don't cache such responses in Varnish (this should be worked on in a separate task).


I think doing this server side is wise because browsers' wild variations in character set, encoding, and language seem likely to cause a lot of "false negatives" matching hashes.

The general plan seems sensible to me, the only part I know nothing about is Varnish.

Ejegg added a comment.Nov 10 2016, 6:49 PM

Were you able to find a hook that fires when any of the transcluded content changes?

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Special:BannerLoader will serve many variations of each banner, which means the "change" hook (which probably doesn't exist) would have to figure out the matrix of all possible languages and countries for a banner, and calculate a hash for each.

There's also the issue of how code can know that it has the "correct" content. If we're really talking about an off-by-one problem, where we might get the previous revision's content, there's no way we can know whether the new revision has been changed to exactly match an older version, or if that's a mistake.

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