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Make it possible to set the label of a Wikidata item from Wikipedia when linking a page to the item
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Currently, you have to visit Wikidata to set the label of an item; even if you are linking a Wikipedia page to the item. In effect, this leads to very many Wikidata items needlessly lacking labels in many languages as the labels are simply not getting set.

I think you should be able to set the label from Wikipedia when you link a page there to a Wikidata item. For instance, you could get an input box pre-filled with the article title and a checkbox that asks something to the effect of "Would you like to also set the label for the corresponding Wikidata item?" (whether or not such a checkbox should be checked by default is a good question. I guess it should unless the item already has a label for the language).

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I'm not sure about this one.

The majority of people, who will get this message, has no understanding of what Wikidata is (they think, that only purpose of it, is iws) and what the label is, how it's made etc. So we may get whole lot of crap in labels - e.g., uppercase/lowercase. We even don't let bots to add labels blindfully, only on specific subset.

Two points:

  • the above objection is not strictly against this type of feature in and of itself, but instead relates to precisely how it is implemented. For instance, in a very "restrictive" implementation, this feature could have to be turned on in the user preferences, such that only experienced users that know what they are doing would be likely to use it. A slightly less restrictive approach would be to leave any checkbox unchecked by default, and potentially also hide it under an 'Advanced options' section in the dialogue. In general, there are many options available for the design of this feature that could reduce the amount of undesirable labels (including the introduction of warnings for capitalisation that looks incorrect, or when it looks like disambiguation elements have been included in the label).
  • I would say that labels with incorrect capitalisation is better than no labels at all. For example, at least some of the usage of labels is likely to capitalise the first letter anyway, meaning that for potentially a lot of the usage any incorrect capitalisation has no effect. It may also often be known in advance what capitalisation the label should have, such that it can be checked and corrected externally where the label is used. Furthermore, the alternative is of course no label or a label in the wrong language, which is not particularly useful, either (and neither describing something with its Qxxx ID (outside of Wikidata) nor a label in a fallback language is strictly speaking correct, anyway)

To make it clear, I'm not !voting against. Those we're simply my 2c :)

I agree with Njardarlogar. I got here because I had asked for the same feature in Wikidata Project Chat: Wikidata:Project chat#Label when adding a wikipedia page.

I have found what I was looking for: a previous ticket about the same issue: T58410.