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Bounding box in documentation should be changed
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"Bounding box with topleft and bottomright latlong coordinates" should be changed to "Bounding box with bottomleft and topright latlong coordinates".

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Right. We actually specify left,bottom,right,top on the row above only to contradict ourselves in the following line.

As a reference what we actually do in the code is:

$bl_lon = floatval( $coords[0] );
$bl_lat = floatval( $coords[1] );
$tr_lon = floatval( $coords[2] );
$tr_lat = floatval( $coords[3] );

Change 317524 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lokal Profil):
Ensure orderby is allways an array

Change 317524 merged by jenkins-bot:
Ensure orderby is allways an array

JeanFred subscribed.

This is now deployed