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Request increased quota for services labs project
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Project Name: services
Type of quota increase requested: floating IP
Reason: There's a bug in how the dynamic proxy handles the ETag header ( T148676 ) what severily affects RESTBase and Mobile-Content-Service testing ( T148590 ), so we need to expose test MCS instance without the dynamic proxy. This testing bug is blocking a big RESTBase feature release.

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Pchelolo renamed this task from Request increased quota for <Replace Me> labs project to Request increased quota for services labs project.Oct 20 2016, 8:18 PM

I think we should fix that bug rather than increase quota.

(I'll try to look at it later this week / early next week). Will also happily merge / CR patches before that tho :)

@yuvipanda Thank you. If it's easier to fix the bug - it's great. I've created this request just to have a time bound on either resolving or working around this problem. This blocks a big RESTBase feature we've been working on for a while and are anxious to roll out.

Andrew added a subscriber: Andrew.

Closing this as it's best fixed properly