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All notices should have a primary link
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The issue was mentioned in T148757: New User Talk Messages are not included in notification.

Notifications such as 'welcome', 'emailuser', and 'thank-you-edit' do not have a primary link which is a slight usability issue:

    • if users view such notifications as cross-wiki notifications, they cannot easily switch to the foreign wiki by just clicking on the notifications
  • it creates inconsistency in user experience - 'user-rights' notification (although, 'pageless'), in fact, does have a primary link which allows a user go to a wiki where user rights changes have happened.

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thank-you-edit does have a primary link, it points to the diff of your 1st/10th/whatever edit. If the page that edit was on was deleted, then the notification stays but no longer has a primary link.

Welcome notifications do have a primary link which can be configured on-wiki by editing the MediaWiki:Notification-welcome-link page. If this hasn't been set up on a wiki, then there won't be a primary link.

emailuser does indeed not have a primary link, but where would it point to?

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