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mw_cirrus_metastore should not be recreated so easily
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It happened during a small network outage on a single elastic node, the mw_cirrus_metastore was recreated because the cirrus maint script thought it was gone.
We should strengthen this process either by disabling index autocreation in such scripts and fail or by finding better ways to assert that an index does not exist.

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It seems the right solution here is to only create the metastore index when explicitly asked to via either the metastore.php maintenance script or as part of UpdateOneSearchIndexConfig. As far as i understand it, the only change required would be in saneitizeJobs.php. That script would now need to fail if the metastore hasn't been created, rather than allowing the MetaStoreIndex class to attempt to create it.

I suppose upgrades are an open question, should major upgrades (which create a new index, re-point the alias, and delete the old one) also be rejected from outside maintenance scripts that have the primary purpose of creating indices?

Change 320309 had a related patch set uploaded (by EBernhardson):
Don't allow creating metastore from saneitizeJobs.php

Change 320309 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't allow creating metastore from saneitizeJobs.php