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Add the Extension:WikipediaExtracts to the English Wikiversity
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There is general agreement about adding the Extension:WikipediaExtracts to the English Wikiversity.

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Setting project to Wikimedia-Site-requests, as this request is about settings / configuration of a Wikimedia website.
For more information about how to request these kinds of changes, please see

If I see it correctly, this extension is not deployed on any WMF sites so far, hence several steps are required beforehand (such as a security review). Please see the checklist on - thanks!

After some talk with the WikiJournal user group at Wikiversity, I decided to generalize this extension into InterwikiExtracts, archive WikipediaExtracts, and in some days start a new task for enabling InterwikiExtracts on Wikiversity, this time with the support of the WikiJournal user group. So this task makes no more sense and I'm closing it.