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Harvest Wikidata item into the monuments database from the linked article
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T140795 is about harvesting the Wikidata item when it is indicated in the monuments list.

Many lists link to Wikipedia articles, from which we could look-up the Q item and store it.

This could could of course be done dynamically as well. Not sure what’s best.

Thoughts @Lokal_Profil @Multichill ?

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JeanFred created this task.Oct 24 2016, 5:15 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptOct 24 2016, 5:15 PM

First we need to track what property to use. Let's take the good old Rijksmonumenten. We use the template at (with Wikidata support) and the property is .

On the first entry is "Welgelegen" id 15966. So we want the Wikidata item that has P359==15966. Sparql can give us that: ->

Doing this one by one would be a pain. I've been cross referencing quite a few sources on Wikidata. Generating a lookup table is a very inexpensive operation. See for example

Shouldn't be too hard to add this to the harvester.

@Multichill What you describe sounds rather like T138668?

Here I really meant

Oh right, I thought about that and realized that quite often multiple entries link to the same article.....

It might be OK for the lists which have a separate article parameter but for the ones where the links are extracted from the name field we risk pulling in all kinds of things.

That said I know that for e.g. the Swedish lists på here is not a perfect overlap between article value and wikidata since the list deals with complexes of buildings while the articles are normally about an individual buildings in that complex (example: list entry is for the church and the separate bellflower but the article is just about the church).