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Tags inside removed tags are not removed
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Nested tags inside removed tags aren't removed, e.g for:

  <li> this</li>
    <b> should</b>
  <li> be</li>
  <li> removed</li>

the b tags are left after the text has been cleaned.

Event Timeline

Change 314237 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)):
Map tokens from TTS responses to HTML

Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE set the point value for this task to 0.5.

Worked on in Wikispeech (Sprint 2016-11-02):

  • Implemented in the same patch as T140105.
  • First review.

To do in Wikispeech (Sprint 2016-11-16):

  • Finish review.

Change 314237 merged by jenkins-bot:
Map tokens from TTS responses to HTML