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cr1-eqiad:ae4 is disabled due to VRRP issue
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The uplink from row D to cr1-eqiad has been disabled for some time due to an issue with VRRP. When enabling, cr1-eqiad and cr2-eqiad both become VRRP master (conflict), likely because the row D switch stack dropping VRRP packets somehow.

As we're already working on replacing the row D switch entirely, and also moving row uplinks to new line cards, we can await for that to happen - or even use the cr1-eqiad side to connect the new row switch stack first.

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This VRRP issue was the case before the cr1/2-eqiad upgrade as well, so this was likely due to some asw-d-eqiad snafu (not propagating VRRP multicasts or something.

Since the cr1-eqiad (but not the cr2-eqiad) uplinks were moved to asw2-d-eqiad last week, the VRRP issue seems to have disappeared — and with the planned replacement of asw-d-eqiad entirely, it's unlikely it will appear again.

cr1-eqiad:ae4 is now back enabled and thus row D router redundancy has been restored.