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GUI for player
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GUI needs to be designed with various controls (buttons etc.) connected to their underlying functionality. If we end up using TMH (see T142562), we may be able to extend and use it's GUI. Otherwise, we need make our own GUI and ensure it works for supported platforms.

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OOjs UI could be used for this and would give a similar appearance to other elements. It also has support for RTL. The (Font Awesome) icons that are currently used seem have counterparts in OOjs UI. However, there doesn't seem to be support for animation, which is used for the buffer icon, so that may need to be hacked.

Also, changing the icon when playing stopping is required. This could be achieved by having two buttons that are hidden/shown, in a pinch.

Also, also, you can create elements in PHP and add behaviour to them in Javascript ("infusing"), if we want to do that.