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[EPIC] Detect bots from searches (and learn C++/Rcpp)
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The goal of this task is two-fold:

  1. Learn C++ and Rcpp (because this is a very important set of skills for at least one analyst on Discovery/Analysis team to have), and
  2. Produce a classifier (the deliverable) that attempts to figure out whether a given search has most likely been made by a bot or if the user is a bot, using predictors like
    • User-agent / accept-language metadata
    • Country of origin
    • Query features
    • Zero results (maybe?)
    • Number of searches made by that user per hour
    • Time elapsed between searches
    • Number of valid words in search query as determined using dictionary picked by TextCat (possibly?)

This work (that will be kept in this repository) will allow us to identify and filter out probable bot searches that affect our zero results rate (ZRR) but are not explicitly labelled as bot searches by our current heuristics that rely on a list of hand-picked user-agents.

We expect the training and classification process to be:

  1. Query CirrusSearchRequestSet in Hive and do as much request refinement there as possible
  2. Perform additional processing in R (such as creating a properly formatted matrix of predictors, augmenting data)
  3. Use Rcpp to hook into a C++ machine learning library that includes a classifier
    • Why a C++ ML library when R already has many ML packages? We deal with A LOT of searches, so speed is important. Also this makes for a good end-goal :)
    • Which library? Well, there's:
      • mlpack (implements Naive Bayes), which is what I'm currently focusing on
      • Shark (implements random forest, neural network)
      • dlib (implements SVM)

Event Timeline

Documenting my progress in these notes:

Latest endeavor was figuring out how to use mlpack's k-means in R. Next step is learning to serialize/de-serialize C++ objects, which will enable me to store a trained classifier in R, rather than having to keep one in RAM and only having a pointer to it in R.

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@TJones, @chelsyx, and I discussed this today and we're starting to think it would be more useful to instead classify users as "typical" vs "atypical", rather than "bot" vs "person" because there may be real people using search in really weird and highly specific ways that would still negatively impact our metrics and make it difficult for us to gauge how we're serving regular users.

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We'll go ahead and close this as invalid - it'll be extremely hard to figure out bot vs person...this is based off of the chat earlier this year.