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Announce graph frames to the community
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As part of T147768: Add a frame and caption text to <graph>, not only new features will be added, but default appearance for graphs will change.

Before and after:

Снимок экрана 2016-10-28 в 16.46.51.png (495×970 px, 25 KB)

We need to communicate this to communities. In case there are problems with this change, we would need to make certain modifications.

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@Ckoerner is a volunteer. :)

Before reassigning it... @CKoerner_WMF, are you committing to this task for this quarter? You have quite a bit on your plate. Or is this a subtask of T144512?

I think we should decide T147768#2753642 first.

If this is true, then that task should be marked as blocker.

It's a bit dry, but here is a rough draft of the announcement of this update to graphs.

It's a bit dry, but here is a rough draft of the announcement of this update to graphs.

You may want a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.43.20 PM.png (596×733 px, 55 KB)

Note: If needed, I'm happy to give you a screenshot for any graph on this page:

In addition, and in case you missed it, you may want to go over this comment that describes how the service and its different attributes work, and add that to your draft ;)

Screenshot and clear descriptions of new attributes have been added.

Let me know what you think. If this looks good we can share via mailing lists (or other ideas if you have them).

@CKoerner_WMF thanks, i cleaned it up a bit, looks good.

If we're in agreement I can post this to discovery, and wikitech mailing lists. Please let me know.

I've thought about this. Let's stick with the plan of releasing the update to add the frame, and then post this message. Announcing in advance without a sound date has the potential for folks not being in the loop when we do launch and us having to repost again.

Thanks for the update, @CKoerner_WMF - it appears that there is still work to be done anyway on this feature: as the latest check-in has a -2 on it.

@debt, the -2 is due to this very bug. We will be waiting for a while.

@MaxSem: Oct 28 7:52 PM
Patch Set 15: Code-Review-2
Let's wait for communities to be informed before merging, as tracked in T149462.

@Yurik I'm confused. Are we stalled on that gerrit change or do I have the timeline backwards - fix then inform communities or the other way around?

Max blocked the merge until the community is notified. The-2 is a precaution against accidental merge and deployment

So it looks like I misunderstood. I should publish this message which is done and then the team will push the change to production.

@Yurik if that's right I can post the message.

Seems we might need to pause on this - it appears our implementation will not work in some cases - graph's width/height is not very deterministic, which will break the frame :(

Updating the ticket to show the progression - see this note here.

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Adding to the backlog and un-assigning. I'm not sure what the plans are for Interactive work at the moment.

Moving off the sprint board - the Discovery team won't be able to finish this work at this time.

Does not matter anymore.