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AbuseFilter Messages shown as html
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In ruWP AbuseFilter Messages shown as html.

When editing AbuseFilter, preview works good. But when AbuseFilter react for abuses, as I undestand, it converts wiki-code of messages to html, but then convert it to text ( &lt; and &rt;instead of < and >), so user see only html-code, but not correct message.

It looks like this screenshot
But it should look like this message

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Related community discussion (in Russian): Википедия:Форум/Технический#Сообщение о срабатывании фильтра выводится в голом HTML
It was noted there that the problem occurs on many filters, and a connection was conjectured with patching this bug T148673, which was announced in tech news. @Legoktm, @vvv

Suspiciously similar bug: T147735 "Raw HTML shown in Authmanager-authn-autocreate-failed". Its author noted in the discussion mentioned above that it occurs on ruwiki but not on enwiki.