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Add confirmation to rollback button from watchlist page
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Russian wiki as well as some others have a watchlist page. If you have a privelege to mark pages as stable you also have a privelege to rollback someone's changes (as far as I remember).
"[Откатить]" button on the screenshot.

снимок8.png (284×1 px, 71 KB)

If you click on it - then the rollback is done immediately. It's easy, especially on sensor screen tablet to misclick. Add yes/no confirmation please.

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Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Oct 30 2016, 1:04 PM

I'm not a fan of "Are you really sure you want to do XYZ" dialogs everywhere except for destructive actions (really deleting data), and the action this task is about can be reverted...

Me too not a fan of such dialogs. But this button is reeeeally rarely used. You can't see what change did the user, so I are likely to watch the difference and decide what to do on the diff page. In case of misclick all the watchers of the page will be notified about your misclick and the history page (which cannot be cleaned) gets spoiled with this two commits.

I wonder if the proposed solution for T150045 would also work here...

I'm fairly sure this is a duplicate...