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Support polar mapping in WDQS
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At the moment, WDQS supports only one type of map, a standard OSM-based Mercator projection which runs from (approximately) 85N to 85S.

This is great for most uses, but means that, for example, queries like "coordinates of places in Antarctica, on a map" look very strange - as well as the expected distortions from Mercator, everything between 85S and 90S is smushed onto a single line at the bottom of the image -

It would be great if WDQS could support a polar projection (probably as an extra option, but a default view if everything returned is, say, above 70 N/S would also work)

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who would like this. :)

I've come across a couple of things which can make Leaflet do polar maps, e.g. (Arctic, OSM-based) and (Antarctica, imagery-based). There are examples of how they look at and I also found (Antarctica, OSM-based) which isn't using Leaflet and which talks about creating tiles for polar maps.

The main problem I can see is that we can't use the existing map tiles for this. I assume we would need the people responsible for to add support for polar map tiles first?