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Change names of timezones "Europe/Kiev" and "Europe/Zaporozhye"
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"Europe/Kiev", "Europe/Zaporozhye" are to be changed into
"Europe/Kyiv", "Europe/Zaporizhzhia" respectively
per UNGEGN city names.
Where can it be done?

Came here from URL:

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These come from PHP, which probably come from tzdata at some point

Needs an issue filing upstream with PHP et al

Aklapper renamed this task from Timezone names correction to Change names of timezones "Europe/Kiev" and "Europe/Zaporozhye".Oct 30 2016, 7:07 PM
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MediaWiki:Timezoneuseserverdefault does not contain any timezone name, only a variable. The message merely reflects what codename PHP uses for the timezone in question (also important for configuration: ), there is nothing wrong in MediaWiki.

If we need to set the timezone for the Ukrainian Wikimedia projects and "Europe/Kiev" looks ugly, we can use "Europe/Athens".

I was going to report it upstream via but found similar previous bug report in which it is said that PHP in its own turn uses names from IANA rather than defines them on its own:

By the way, Uzhgorod is also spelt wrong, it should be Uzhhorod

(We even have an article and @Sanya3 has already renamed entry for Zaporizhzhia there :) Too bad it is not that easy to change the actual thing :( )

(Oh I just noticed a ukwiki discussion mentioning all of this already. It would be nice if you mention related discussions, kinda saves the time)

@Base what's the correct way that you should consider is to drop directly using those "English" as they're controlling by Paul Eggert from ICANN.


Bogdan Denkovych wrote:

I see mistake in Time Zone name 'Europe/Kiev'.
Must be 'Europe/Kyiv'

The tz names are in the English language, and the most common usage in English
for the city is "Kiev" even if this is not strictly correct locally. It is like
Europe/Rome, Europe/Athens, Europe/Warsaw, Europe/Moscow and
America/Mexico_City, which are all English-language tz names that do not match
local usage.

To have the name properly localized for use in Ukraine, I suggest using the CLDR
translation; see:

It currently lists "Київ" for Ukrainian, "Kiev" for English, and lots of other
alternatives for other languages (e.g., "Kænugarður" for Icelandic -- a name
that assumes that Kievan Rus' was founded by Varangians, which is quite a
controversy in its own right!). Anyway, if these names are in error you might
try writing to the CLDR maintainers, as this stuff is out of scope for the tz
database proper.