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Do initial work breakdown for TPG 2016-17 Q2 LE Goal
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Convert notes with KL into outline of possible goals and work, and immediate next step subtasks.

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JAufrecht renamed this task from Do initial work breakdown for TPG 2016 Q2 LE Goal to Do initial work breakdown for TPG 2016-17 Q2 LE Goal.Nov 1 2016, 4:38 PM
JAufrecht created this task.
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@JAufrecht who do you imagine should review this?

anyone in TPG but you or me, I guess.


Is the proofreading task we spoke about in Work Planning meeting today?

I think it's one step more involved than proofreading, but yes, I think so.


I reconciled 5 steps in

I see all 5 steps represented as checkboxes in T147354

The only discrepancy I see is that indicates that you were to create sub-tasks for 1 and possibly 2 whereas I see sub-tasks for 1 & 4 only.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.

I think close enough/passes the sniff test is good enough for review for this. Step 4, "Propose changes", already has tasks because they are carried over from last quarter. I didn't create subtasks for Step 2 because we aren't there yet.

Sniff test passed....assigning back to you @JAufrecht