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Deploy WikipediaExtracts extension
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Hmm, should this extension be deployed on the Beta Cluster before going into production? If so, then I hereby request deployment to the Beta Cluster.

Needs CI enabling for the extension to make sure it's passing tests (phpcs, linting etc); you shouldn't be doing V+2 yourself and submitting etc

'exchars' => array_key_exists( 'chars', $params ) ? $params['chars'] : '',

Might aswell just use newer PHP stuff

'exchars' => $params['chars'] ?? '',

And then just remove the & from this, objects are always passed by reference

	 * Main hook
	 * @param Parser &$parser Parser object
	public static function onParserFirstCallInit( Parser &$parser ) {
		$parser->setFunctionHook( 'WikipediaExtract', 'WikipediaExtracts::onFunctionHook' );

Change 485376 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sophivorus; owner: Sophivorus):
[mediawiki/extensions/WikipediaExtracts@master] Respond to third code review by Reedy

Thanks for the quick response, Reedy. I know that doing V+2 myself and submitting is not good practice, but because my previous patch remained unmerged for so long, it became incompatible with the master branch and I had to manually re-do it, which is annoying, and I didn't want that to happen again.

Anyway, I just found the CI tutorials. I'll check them out and do my best to enable CI for the extension so that Jenkins does its thing.

I also updated the on-wiki documentation for ParserFirstCallInit.

Change 492342 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sophivorus; owner: Sophivorus):
[integration/config@master] Add Extension:WikipediaExtracts

Change 492342 abandoned by Sophivorus:
Add Extension:WikipediaExtracts

It seems like WikipediaExtracts was already in layout.yaml !!

@Reedy This patch is already V+2 and CR+2 but Jenkins won't merge it. WikipediaExtracts is already in integration/config/zuul/layout.yaml and my email is also in the whitelist. Do you know what are we missing? Thanks!

Change 485376 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/extensions/WikipediaExtracts@master] Respond to third code review by Reedy

@Reedy Thanks! So now that that's done, do you think there's anything else missing before this extension can be deployed in the Beta Cluster?

Change 485373 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jforrester; owner: Sophivorus):
[mediawiki/tools/release@master] Add branching for Extension:WikipediaExtracts

After some talk with the WikiJournal user group at Wikiversity, I decided to generalize this extension into InterwikiExtracts, archive WikipediaExtracts, and in some days start a new task for enabling InterwikiExtracts on Wikiversity, this time with the support of the WikiJournal user group. So this task makes no more sense and I'm closing it.

Change 485373 abandoned by Sophivorus:
Add branching for Extension:WikipediaExtracts

This extension has been superseded by Extension:InterwikiExtracts