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Exclude sysops from triggering the SpamBlacklist
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I suggest to exclude sysops from spam blacklisting. Ru.wikipedia has an archive bot, that moves discussion threads from forums to archives. But if the thread contains an external link, that was added to the blacklist after it posting to the forum, bot can't write thread to the archive, so thread disappears.

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MBH created this task.Nov 2 2016, 11:28 AM
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As I see there were only two reasons to decline previous request.

First: sysop add {{copyvio}}, user removes it, another user tries to back it, but stoped by spam-filter.
Don't see problem with it: either sysop delete copyvio instantly without copyvio-template (why need excess actions, if he have rights to delete it immediately) or user, stopped by spam-filter, removes "http://" and save it.

Second: Bot tries to archive page with spam-links, but can't. So this request just about this. Some user added one link to page some time ago, then this link was added to spam-blacklist, and bot tries to archive it, but can't. And we want to give sysop-rights to such bot, so it would correctly archive such pages with spam-links,

Thus both reasons are not relevant, so consider once more about allow sysops or bots or new user-right to ignore spamblacklist. Any of this way (sysop, bots or new user-right) will solve the problem.

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Instead of splitting discussion, if you still think this should happen, please reopen the old issue.

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