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Unconfirm account email addresses for Wikitech accounts that bounced during 2016 survey mailings
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I built the list of email addresses for the 2016 survey announcement by taking the intersection of email addresses for Wikitech users that were both confirmed and had not opted out of mail contact and the membership roster for the Tool Labs project. I have a list of ~30 addresses that bounced. I think that we should mark their Wikitech user account emails as unconfirmed. This will cut down on bounces next year and also reduce possible bounces that are already happening for watchlist emails and other on-wiki initiated mailings.

The list of bounces is on silver as /home/bd808/projects/tool-labs-survey/2016/2016-bounce-list.txt

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Are the users informed by MediaWiki about the change or do we need to leave messages on their talk pages as well?

(For future surveys it might be interesting to send the mails from within MediaWiki (in a way yet to be developed?) so that its native bounce handlers, etc. can be used.)

I think the only way to unconfirm is manual db manipulation, so a talk page post would be a good idea. Or a maintenance script that does the work safely and leaves some sort of notice (echo?).

I think that T148783: Make maintenance script for sending annual survey emails would be mostly about making this run via the wiki's normal processes. I'm going to make a note there about a related idea I just had to add a pref for opting out of bulk mails and an unsubscribe special page to make it easy to toggle from a mail client that supports the List-Unsubscribe header.

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