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Implement functionality for RC page 'Significance' filters
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Provides filtering and/or highlighting of editor contributions based on whether the contribution is judged a "minor edit" by the author or not. Find the authoritative interface text (filter names and descriptions) for these at T149385. There are two filters in the group:

  • Minor edits This finds contributions judged by the author to be minor.
  • Non-minor edits All changes not labeled as minor.

About the functionality of these filters

  • The current RC page includes the ability to "hide/show minor edits." This existing functionality can be used as the basis for these filters.
  • HOWEVER, like all filters in the enhanced RC page filter UI, these filters conform to a set of rules that are, in some ways, very different from the existing RC page filters. The existing filters are designed primarily to EXCLUDE selected properties (in this case, minor edits). The new filters are designed to INCLUDE those properties; logically, each new group is a set of OR filters (with each group of ORs being connected to other groups by ANDs). Which means the filters in this group follow these rules:
    • To INCLUDE property A, users check the box for property A.
    • To EXCLUDE property A, the user must uncheck A and check it's complement, property B.
    • If NEITHER A nor B are checked, then BOTH are included.
    • If BOTH A and B are checked, then the result is the same: BOTH are included.
  • As per T146076, searches on the RC page are meant to be bookmarkable. Please make sure your search adds query strings to the URL.

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Change 320446 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
[PoC] 'hidemajor' RC filter

Change 320446 merged by jenkins-bot:
Special:RC 'hidemajor' filter

Checked in betalabs. All combinations of hidemajor and hideminor (also, as a single option e.g. only hidemajor) work as expected.

QA recommendation: Resolve.