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Create a gadget to move the content of a statement from a property to another
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Suggested by an editor.

User case: The user adds a statement in the property "father" with everything filled, reference, rank and so on, and then realize I made a mistake, and this statement should go to the property "mother".
Other case: He wants to modify an item, agrees with a statement that is already added but thinks this would be more relevant in another property.

Then, the user needs a simple and quick tool to move the content of a statement from a property to another.

This could be for example a way to drag-and-drop the statement to another property (a new one if necessary)

Event Timeline

That is about moving a statement of the same property to another item. This is about changing the property of a statement in the same item.

A few notes about this:

  1. This gadget will be useful when a statement has several qualifiers and/or sources.
  1. I think it would be better to duplicate/copy a statement instead of moving it. (if necessary it's easy to remove the old statement after a copy was done)
  1. As there could be several statements linked to a property, this gadget should move/copy only one statement to another property, not all of them.

Working on adding the feature inside the MoveClaim gadget

This feature has been implemented in the Move Claim user script. So we can close this ticket.