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wm-bot not reporting on recent changes
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wm-bot does not appear to be reporting on recent changes. The @RC+ and @RC- commands are also not working; specifically the bot is not responding to these commands. The @recentchanges-on and @recentchanges-off commands are working, but other than that, I can't seem to add or remove any pages, and the bot isn't reporting on recent changes that are being made. In addition, when I run the @info command, the section that lists the pages that the bot has been told to monitor for recent changes isn't there. I've originally observed this on the ##k6ka channel (Which I use to monitor a few pages of personal interest), and recently I've tested on a number of other channels, and the same problem occurred. All other parts of the bot appear to be working. I've tried to reload the configuration for the channels, and the process was restarted, but neither of those have resolved the problem.