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Add ability to sort/filter/search the Browse Partners page
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The Browse Partners page could be improved by the ability to:

  • Sort or filter the page (Perhaps by number of accounts available, languages, etc.)
  • Search through a simple search box (i.e. If I'm looking for Taylor & Francis I could just type "Tay" to filter the page to partners with that string in their title, rather than needing to scroll down to T.

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ThatAndromeda added a subscriber: Ocaasi_WMF.

Assigning this to @Ocaasi_WMF because the spec is unclear - exactly what sort of filtering options do you want? Go ahead and assign it back to me when you have details.

I'll give you a clearer sense of what would be desired this week.

Sorry - forgot about this!

We'd like to be able to filter the page by:

  • Language (drop-down?)
  • Any tags (T147444) that we decide to add (drop-down or list as appropriate)
  • Name (search box, auto-filtering if possible?)
Samwalton9 closed this task as Invalid.Oct 13 2017, 12:10 PM

Being worked on as part of a redesign of the Browse page, but this task isn't very useful.