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[beginner] [recurring] Retest 2 old open bug reports in Wikimedia's issue tracker
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This is a placeholder task for the list of potential tasks when applying as an organization for Google Code-in.

This is a Google-Code-In-2016 task.

  1. Read
  2. Log into our issue tracker:
  3. Go to , set the "Statuses" field to "Open", set "Projects" to "testme" & set the "Updated Before" field accordingly (see ). Tasks in the "testme" project are bugs that someone wants to see retested.
  4. Read those reports that interest you & try to understand them (if they are too complicated or advanced you have to choose other reports instead. This can happen quite often but it helps getting an idea of how complex software can be).
  5. If you think you understand what the report is about (this might require looking up docs): Test if you can still reproduce the reported problem (and if the steps to reproduce are clear).
  6. Add a comment in Phabricator & explain clearly which steps you performed (step by step) and the version you tested with (e.g. for MediaWiki you can find this information on the page "Special:Version"). Remove the "testme" project from the task by clicking "Edit the task".
  7. Note: Some tasks might be easy to retest (for example on and some might require setting up MediaWiki yourself - it's up (see ).
  8. Paste the links here to those tasks that you retested.
  9. Thanks for helping clean up the backlog of open tasks!

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Imported; invalidating this placeholder