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Request creation of WikiApiary labs project
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Project Name: WikiApiary
Purpose: move to WMF Labs (T149874)
Wikitech Username of requestor: Dzahn / MHershberger

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Dzahn renamed this task from Request creation of <Replace Me> labs project to Request creation of WikiApiary labs project.Nov 4 2016, 10:18 PM
Dzahn added a subscriber: MarkAHershberger.

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Andrew added a subscriber: Andrew.
Mon, Nov 7, 7:52 AM
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This is probably fine, but can you please provide a summary of what this project is, what it will do, and why it needs a project and can't be a tools webservice?

Dzahn added a comment.
Mon, Nov 7, 11:56 AM
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what it is and will do:

"WikiApiary collects, displays and analyzes information about MediaWiki websites. Once a website is registered with WikiApiary a suite of bots will start collecting information about the versions of software being used, the amount of editing activity on the site as well as the use of Semantic MediaWiki.
WikiApiary intends to help those running MediaWiki sites have a better insight into their sites."

it is the existing site at that we want to transfer.

We want to use a puppetized role class, clone from multiple repos (with puppet), and domainproxy, later with a custom domain name. We will need root access to one staging and one "production" instance.

That is why per: and "Only request a labs project if you need root on the VM" we are requesting to be outside of ToolLabs.

madhuvishy added a subscriber: madhuvishy.
Wed, Nov 9, 8:38 AM
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Andrew closed this task as "Resolved".
Wed, Nov 9, 8:41 AM
Andrew claimed this task.
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Done. @MarkAHershberger, you're project admin and can add other users or admins as you like.

Dzahn assigned this task to Andrew.