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Put the focus on the content and the cursor at the beginning of the aimed content
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I request an improvement of the engine of Wikipedia.

I go to the article of Wikipedia:'expulsion_en_droit_civil_français
For the whole article, or for a section, I click modifier le code or modifier.
I land in the wikicode editor of Wikipedia or in the visual editor of Wikipedia.

Expected result:

The focus is on the editable content. For wikicode editor: The cursor blinks at the beginning of the text area of the content. For visual editor: If I clicked modifier for the whole article, then the cursor blinks at the beginning of the article; if I clicked modifier for a section, then the cursor blinks at the beginning of its title.

Observed result:

No focus is on editable content. No cursor blinks.

Some advantages of this improvement are:

  1. The person would be already in the editable content, without having to click in it. So editing would be faster, handier and more accessible — keyboard is much more accessible than mouse.
  2. Helping the person to understand what to do. Wikipedia is complicated, and some people don't know how to edit it, even when they are on the wikicode editing page.
  3. Better consistency, so better predictability, so better usability. Usually, when a person opens a document for editing in an application, s/he gets the focus in it and the cursor blinking in it, so s/he is ready to edit it. For example, Microsoft Word, TextEdit, TextWrangler, Notepad…
  4. Some, or all, occurrences of some annoying bugs in the visual editor — intempestive scrolling, incorrect placement of the cursor… — would be avoided.

It would be nice to do this improvement.

Thank you.

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I made little changes in this task.

This works for me in VisualEditor, actually (clicking "modifier"), but not in the wikitext editor.

Jdforrester-WMF changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Nov 8 2016, 8:29 PM
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This functionality works for me (in the visual editor) on desktop.

Is this on an iPad using the desktop site? That may be the problem — as browser software we're not able to focus the text and bring up the keyboard in iOS Safari as a security measure.

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Boldly declining per lack of response above regarding interface; if this is still an issue please reopen