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Purge old instances from wmflabs Shinken
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Shinken reports instances being down however they have been deleted. Some clean up has to be conducted in I guess wmflabs LDAP.

integration-puppetmastershut down on Sept 21th. Replaced by integration-puppetmaster01
deployment-puppetmastershut down early November by @Krenair. Replaced by deployment-puppetmaster02
deployment-pdf02shut down on Oct 24 by @Krenair for T142288 . Trusty I guess replaced by a Jessie one
deployment-conftoolshut down on Oct 24 by @Krenair for T142288.

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Shinken gets the data from LDAP. Most of these are wrong though, the instances still exist.

Actually all of them are wrong, all of these exist

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Reopened. Shinken still complains / notify about it. Turns out that all the instances were shutdown as the services they hosted got migrated to new instances. We no more need them hence I am going to delete them all which should shut off the Shinken alarms.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2016-11-22T08:29:48Z] <hashar> Deleting shut off instances: integration-puppetmaster , deployment-puppetmaster , deployment-pdf02 , deployment-conftool - T150339

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Should be good now :]

Krenair changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Nov 22 2016, 9:55 AM

No, deployment-pdf02 was not replaced by a jessie instance. Do not delete instances you do not know about. -pdf02 and -conftool were seen to possibly be redundant in T142288. It is unknown whether they contained any important data.