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interwiki shortcuts on search is broken
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In the past when I used intwerwiki shortcuts on the search box and hit go I was brought to the search menu with the option to go to the interwiki page.

For example if I typed "m:IRC" on the searchbox on English wikipedia searchbox and hit go it would find search results for IRC and give me the option to go to 'm:IRC' (meta:IRC). Or if I typed 'tr:Wikipedia' it would have taken me to Turkish wikipedia page on wikipedia.

Right now the interwiki shortcut is been ignored and this started recently in the past month.

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rainman wrote:

Fixed in r35570. Using interwiki prefixes and hitting Go will always go to approriate interwiki pages.

[Merging "MediaWiki extensions/Lucene Search" into "Wikimedia/lucene-search2", see bug 46542. You can filter bugmail for: search-component-merge-20130326 ]

I confirm, that time to time it still happens. Typing iw prefixed (ie. m:foo) title to search results in "There is no page on this wiki called "m:foo" but you can create it".