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Write a script to generate fail mail when integrity checks fail
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We have some integrity checks we have written but not mechanism to run them & ensure they stay clean - e.g send fail-mail if there are contacts with no primary address or blank location types

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Basically 'no information' contacts

select * from civicrm_contact c  LEFT JOIN civicrm_contribution con ON = con.contact_id  LEFT JOIN civicrm_contribution_soft s ON s.contact_id =  LEFT JOIN civicrm_relationship r ON r.contact_id_a  =  LEFT JOIN civicrm_relationship r2 ON r2.contact_id_b  =  LEFT JOIN civicrm_group_contact gc ON gc.contact_id = AND gc.group_id =173 LEFT JOIN civicrm_value_1_prospect_5 v ON v.entity_id = WHERE IS NULL AND IS NULL AND  is_deleted = 0  AND IS NULL AND IS NULL  AND IS NULL AND IS NULL ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 5000

Note we should schedule the check from when we hit this

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