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Please upload large file to Wikimedia Commons
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Please upload these file(s) to Wikimedia Commons:

wget 'ůvod_tramvají_-_140_let_pražské_MHD.webm'{,.txt} # md5: 6332ee0b8c30dc7591734b432ef711d3
wget 'ůvod_tramvají_-_140_let_pražské_MHD_(2).webm'{,.txt} # md5: db31e5740be310cccbc3e1d023d36ed0

Thank you!

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Files are 404. Could you reupload them?

Please use High priority for future requests when you use this tool, as currently I think it deletes files after a few number of days (3 ? 7 ?).

Dereckson changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Dec 7 2016, 7:33 PM

@Xenotron Please reupload the files to v2c2 so @Dereckson can server-side upload them. Thanks.

@Xenotron Please reupload the files to v2c2 so …

Feel free to reopen this task if you still wish the upload.