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Add ability to assign a coordinator to a partner
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We've decided to go with a model where partners are coordinated by just one coordinator. As such, we want to be able to assign a coordinator to a partner on the platform. If there is no coordinator set, a default message should show which says that the TWL team will process the application, and provides a small link encouraging users to sign up as a coordinator (linking to

The partner pages should name the account coordinator and provide links to their home wiki talk page and Special:EmailUser page.

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Samwalton9 updated the task description. (Show Details)

This raises some implementation questions for me.

For instance, if you are the coordinator for OpenEdition, and I also have coordinator privileges, am I allowed to set status on OpenEdition applications if I want to, or should the system actually prevent me from doing so? Am I allowed to comment on OpenEdition applications even if I cannot set their status? Can I see the information that's ready to be sent to OpenEdition, or can only you see that? If I can see the information, am I allowed to mark it as sent, or are you the only one who can do that?

Any of these states of affairs are possible, but I need to know which to write :)

From meeting on 1/13 - designate the coordinator and list them on the page, but don't do anything permissions-y.

ThatAndromeda closed this task as Resolved.Jan 17 2017, 9:19 PM

Okay, done. You should add coordinators to Partners using the interface at /admin.

Awesome! Could we see the users' Wikipedia username instead of database username? Currently we need to look them up in the users administration page to know who is who. Also, would it be possible to limit the users on the dropdown menu to coordinators?

If either is a lot of work then don't worry!

Actually I noticed the partner page coordinator note (which looks great) also uses the database username, so that would need to be their Wikipedia username!

I have actually already fixed that first issue! :) Will fix the second.

That's awesome, thanks!