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Reduce watchlist_count threshold
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Reduce watchlist_count threshold for pages which send notifications, such as User talk pages.

I was told that Toolserver's 30 watcher limit was simply "comfortable". I could raise or lower depending on the application, for my useractivity tool I felt 10+ watcher was enough for user talk pages.

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this is a more complicated request, because it is not about exposing more data in tools, it is about exposing more data in general.

Looking at the api, currently the threshold is at "Fewer than 30 watchers", and I do not see a reason for that to be lower or different on tools. I see a validity on the request to lower it, but it should be directed to change it on production first (so API and tools agree). I believe that is controlled by this variable:;61b6711b35b3333ba74a1b007eec2864cc74e673$11006 but I am not 100% sure.

I concur with @jcrespo: it makes sense to agree on a main API value instead to have several values according the tool used for consultation.

/* Most watched unstarted RfAs */
SELECT SUBSTRING(wl_title, 24, 50) AS RfA_subpage, Watchers
FROM watchlist_count
LEFT JOIN page ON wl_namespace=page_namespace AND wl_title=page_title
WHERE wl_namespace = 4
AND wl_title LIKE "Requests_for_adminship/%"
AND wl_title NOT LIKE "Requests_for_adminship/Archive_%"
AND page_id IS NULL
ORDER BY watchers DESC;
| RfA_subpage                                        | Watchers |
| Koavf_3                                            |      415 |
| Malleus_Fatuarum_3                                 |       40 |
| Daniel/August_2006Wikipedia:Requests_for_adminship |       39 |
| SandyGeorgia                                       |       35 |
| Daniel_2                                           |       35 |
| Kelly_Martin_(2)                                   |       32 |

Compare to 2010 results from the Toolserver, much usefulness is removed.

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