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Allow Special:Unwatchedpages to display the list of pages by prefix
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Author: ruhrfisch

On the English Wikipedia, Special:Unwatchedpages is nearly useless because it only shows the first 1000 articles. My suggestion is to split it into multiple subpages each based on the first character of the article: i.e. one for each letter of the alphabet, one for each number 0 through 9, plus whatever special character(s) would be needed (either all in one page, or perhaps one page for each?). The idea is that this would make Special:Unwatchedpages/A, etc. into useful pages.

This is related to [] and [].

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Changed the summary to be more general. Having the fixed set of subpages isn't so flexible. Thus the same behavior as Special:Prefixindex would be desirable.

brion added a comment.Feb 26 2008, 9:18 PM

The fundamental problem is that this is an expensive report, and currently only the first N entries are saved into the querycache table when it's regenerated.

Unless the complete data set were generated and kept, changing the reporting display would have little to no benefit.

brion added a comment.Feb 26 2008, 9:28 PM
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