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Recover/Rename p50380g51020_perfectbot on replica LabsDBs or toolDBs
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I would like to recieve some help with renaming the database p50380g51020_perfectbot on svwiki.labsdb to a more correct and current standard. See below.

14.15:07:10 < fluff> Hi, I had a database on host svwiki.labsdb named p50380g51020_perfectbot but it's been missing for some while, has it been deleted or moved?
14.15:10:47 < jynus> fluff, let me check
14.15:12:29 < jynus> p50380g51020_perfectbot is an incorrectly-named database (it should have 2 underscores), maybe
14.15:12:46 < jynus> it should be named like that, or permissions got mixed
14.15:12:57 < jynus> let me check if I can find a similar named one
14.15:13:24 < jynus> fluff, to check you own that account, could you create at ticket on phabricator?

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@Fluff sorry for making you wait, I cannot find this database anywhere on our systems, neither with p50380g51020_perfectbot, or p50380g51020_perfectbot or containing perfectbot (I found one, but maybe it was created by you recently, because it is empty).

While the databases are not actively dropped, we do not provide any kind of backup system as databases on replicas are considered for scratch data only, and important data should be made offline on the available disk provided and schemas on a control version systems, also provided. As a consequence, if they have been deleted by users, or there was some kind of software or hardware failure, they may have been lost.

I am not saying this actually happened, it is just that I cannot provide you with another explanation of why that database isn't there where it should be (aside from potentially having a different name). Again, I assure you there is no dropping of user data unless something is very wrong with them. I apologize I cannot be more useful in this case, but I will be happy to do anything else for you.

@jcrespo Yes, I was looking back, it may be so that this database has been missing since February 2016... Luckily it wasn't any vital data stored in the database so I'll go on the adventure to try to recreate it.

Thanks a lot anyway!

I apologize again.