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Reference parsing isn't capturing all html for a reference on a specific page
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Repro steps / testing criteria:

  • Load "enwiki > Race (human categorization)"
  • Tap the "[7]" reference
  • The panel shows only "See:" with nothing else
  • If you scroll to the "7" reference in the references section you will see what should be appearing after "See:"

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Should be a fairly simple JS ref parsing fix.

Could be higher priority if more widespread.

@julbod Hey thanks for taking a look at this. Just wanted to check-in and see how it was going.

@Mhurd Hey, yes I worked a little on this.
I got the reference parsing to work, and references are displayed in the popover, but not appear as clickable links. References here are links to anchors (href="#..."). I can remember that references are displayed in a UITextView using NSAttributedString, and it seems that only complete URLs are recognized as links.

So, the last thing I did was to look for a solution to make these links clickable. After that, I think, we need to handle the click to redirect to the right anchor in the article.

@julbod oh interesting! feel free to open a PR and use the "WIP" label (work-in-progress) if you want early feedback or have questions.

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Tested on an iPhone 7+ with iOS 10.3 and an iPad Mini 2 Retina on Beta App 5.5.0 (1129)

This is fixed. I tried the article listed above and some others.