playing some theora videos doesn't work with cortado and java 1.6
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Author: helmutpozimski

I have been searching for an alternative to the prorpietary flash video for a while now. The only really usable solution I found was the cortado java applet. I am using it with itheora to improve usability. While this is working great with java 1.5, I have some serious problems with java 1.6. (I am using java 6 update 2 on Debian GNU/linux lenny amd64) For some videos, the video plays correct but the sound vanishes after a few seconds and reappears at the end of the video (jou can find a german sample video on this happens to most of the videos I tried but there are some that play correctly. This problem has also been reported on an Ubuntu i386-system so it doesn't seem to be 64-bit related. I have already reported that bug to fluendo ( but they don't seem to work on Cortado anymore.

Some people at the theora mailinglist pointed me to the wikimedia fork of Cortado. I checked out the latest version from the svn, installed the sun jdk (as well 1.6) and compiled debug and stripped versions of cortado. I just replaced the cortado version delivered with itheora with my compiled version of the wikimedia svn-version but it's still the same picture, 1.5 works, 1.6 not.

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Severity: major
OS: Linux
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bzimport created this task.Feb 19 2008, 3:56 PM

Can you please provide a direct link to a non-working video?

Confirmed. Not isolated yet.

Fixed in r31527.

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