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Puppet CA rollover
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We'll need to rollover the Puppet CA mostly to switch to 2k certs and unblock general usage of host certs for high traffic applications. Open questions:

  • is there a smarter way for CA rollover and how to do it?
  • details needed on how puppet manages the CA
  • puppet management of the CA, how much is it embedded?
  • can puppet generate/add SANs

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Be wary of T150058 and Elastic's use of this CA

And also of T111654 for MariaDB's usage of this CA. Adding DBA

There are other systems using this CA, namely etcd.

I would suggest the right course of action for all apps is:

  1. create a new CA key/cert
  2. Install it as a trusted CA on all live systems
  3. Audit how applications use the puppet cert, most will just need a rolling restart once we're done
  4. Do the CA rollout for puppet. We did this in the past, details on how it was done here but I think there are simpler ways to do it
  5. Once puppet has run everywhere, new signed certs will be available; we should check which applications will need a restart and which will not. Since both the old and the new CA will be trusted, nothing should stop working.
  6. Remove the old CA once we're done

Also re: the rollover, we should switch to deploying multiple CA certificates. This would also avoid refresh problems during rollover (e.g. /etc/ssl/certs not being updated in T150058 and T145609)

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IIRC we did a "rollover" (extend certificate expiration, keeping the private key) for puppet CA, resolving this old task