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Env vars being overwritten
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env_specific_paths puts the env vars in the list first and then update overwrites the more specific vars.

At least, I think that's the reason why this is ignored,

diff --git a/scap/ b/scap/
index d9fedb5..8842337 100644
--- a/scap/
+++ b/scap/
@@ -648,7 +648,7 @@ class Deploy(cli.Application):
         # Build vars to override remote
         search = self.context.env_specific_paths('vars.yaml')
-        for vars_file in search:
+        for vars_file in reversed(search):
             with open(vars_file, 'r') as vf:

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mobrovac added projects: User-mobrovac, Services.

Yup, the new version of Scap is definitely rewriting that setting with the production one. I have fixed the config manually on deployment-parsoid09 for the time being to have a functional Parsoid instance in beta.