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Visual Editor and Parsoid support for Tabular Data
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From IRC:
(05:43:51 PM) cscott-free: the related work mentioned in the comments to T120414 -- make VE and Parsoid accept pluggable extensions -- is done now, I think. We just need to document it and actually get non-WMF folk to write some cool parser/editor extensions, as part of their mediawiki Extensions.
(05:44:45 PM) DanielK_WMDE: cscott: a nice editor for yurik's tabular data would be a start
(05:45:06 PM) DanielK_WMDE: and code editor should use that mechanism
(05:45:16 PM) yurik: DanielK_WMDE, \o/
(05:45:20 PM) cscott-free: can we make that a phab task?
(05:45:20 PM) DanielK_WMDE: :P
(05:45:33 PM) DanielK_WMDE: go ahead :)

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This might be a dup of T134618.

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Closing as a dup. Also, I don't think tabular data should be supported by parsoid or VE directly, just like Wikidata entries should not be supported by VE. Instead, the datasets (tables/maps) should have a spreadsheet or a maps like custom editor, which might share some code with the VE's table widget or maps editor widget.