No Permission Error message when the reason is caused by an other issue
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Author: michael.frey

When I use the revert button on a page with only one contributer I get the error measage:

You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason:
Cannot revert edit; last contributor is only author of this page.

Maybe it's more generic to say:

It's not possible to do that, because of the following reason:

It's easy to change and not important.

For delete an not existing page is the measage

Internal error
Could not delete the page or file specified. (It may have already been deleted by someone else.)

mayb' something like this is also a solution.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: trivial

bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST).
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bzimport created this task.Via LegacyFeb 22 2008, 4:43 PM
Huji added a comment.Via ConduitFeb 22 2008, 6:25 PM

Known bug, and probably a duplicate. I ask myself, why hasn't it been fixed by now?

IAlex added a comment.Via ConduitMar 5 2008, 1:51 PM

Fixed in r31588.

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