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Media player has weird buffering problem when replaying
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  1. Play the media once with the player. Everything is fine.
  2. WITHOUT refreshing, play it more times. Every time it begins, there is a short "buffering" period that interrupts the sound. It's quite annoying for short media such as this example.

It can be reproduced on both Chrome and Firefox. If I use their native players, i.e. play this directly:

no such problem.

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fireattack added a comment.EditedJan 13 2017, 6:57 AM

Any fix on this? It still exists and is quite annoying.

Or at least some comments/confirmation?

brion added a subscriber: brion.Jan 13 2017, 7:14 AM

I think I hear what you're describing, it's intermittent for me in Chrome/Mac. Probably due to the not-so-great old player frontend code. Seems to be fixed in the new video.js-based player frontend:

Likely the fix will be to deploy the new player, which requires a little more development and testing, but is in the works.