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Author: sxwiki

This is SQL, and administrator on the English Wikipedia.

I would like to request a new mailman list for the English Wikipedia, among other things, to bring our account request process more in line with our privacy policy, and to enhance the privacy of our users.

I have proposed this on-wiki, and, it has strong support thusfar. (see ). I believe that there is now consensus to make this change (discussion has pretty well died off as well at this point).

We would like the new mailman list to be named "accounts-en-l", if possible, unless there's a stricter naming scheme that no one thought about :)

Thank you for your time,


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johnjreaves wrote:

I'd like to second that consensus and say that his will really be good for the privacy of our users.

--John Reaves

soxred93 wrote:



Thehelpfulonewiki wrote:

Fourth that per the discussion, to which a consensus seems to have been reached.


alexfusco5 wrote:

I also see consensus fifth'd

sxwiki wrote:

Added keyword "shell" wrote:

Created list accounts-enwiki-l and set SQL and John Reaves as admins.

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